University News

By: Mrs. Ruby Lyn R. Nuestro
Director, Human Resource Development Office
The HRDO, in collaboration with the School of Education led an orientation seminar on supervision
of instruction for the newly appointed academic department heads and coordinators for
SY 2013-2014. The orientation aimed to (1) provide assistance and guidance to newly appointed
department heads and coordinators on their supervisory responsibilities; (2) inspire them to raise the standards on supervision of instruction; (3) assist them in establishing and maintaining a
cordial and collaborative working environment in their units/departments. The seminar was facilitated by Dr. Ma. Cristeta M. Aduca, Academic Dean of the School of Education. The half day seminar was held at the COE Conference Hall Roger Tjoille Bldg. on June 15, 2013 from 8:00am to 12:00nn. Dr. Aduca emphasized that “supervision is developmental. It must not only respond to current teacher performance but also encourage greater involvement, independent thinking and shared action by teachers. Inorder to improve school instruction, a supervisor has to work with the teachers to create professional togetherness. They must share a common purpose for their instruction and they must have confidence that their collective action will make a difference in their students’ lives.” Among the topics discussed were:
(1) Supervision of Instruction (Nature and Goal of Supervision)
(2) Instructional leader (Types of leaders)
(3) Clinical Supervision (Nature, Goals and Process of Clinical Supervision).