New Vision, Mission
By: Rev. Fr. Renillo H. Sta. Ana, CICM
University President
Allow me to take this opportunity to greet and welcome the entire community of SMU, especially the
new Marian students and new Marian employees.

This year is another year for all of us to journey together.It is a bit special as we celebrate 
SMU’s 85th Founding Anniversary and because we are guided by our new vision statement: 
Saint Mary’s University is a premier CICM Catholic educational institution drawn into communion by the Wisdom of  God,
dedicated to forming persons exemplifying excellence, innovation, and Christ’s mission.

As a CICM CATHOLIC EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTION… We take a new look at our roots and inspiration 
– our CICM heritage. We take again inspiration from the generosity and sacrifices of our CICM 
missionaries who had left their own homes and had come to share to us the Gospel. They 
believed that education would be a beautiful instrument in bringing about spiritual upliftment and 
human development to our people. They have shared to us their missionary heart so that we too 
might have the same missionary heart. We should have metamorphosed from a receiving Catholic 
school to a sending Catholic school. Like a child receiving from the father to a mature one 
taking responsibility. We continue to affirm our CICM missionary identity.

As a PREMIER Catholic educational institution… We shall sustain and strengthen our identity as a
premier university not only in Nueva Vizcaya but to be known more outstandingly 
in the region, in Northern Luzon, in the Philippines and internationally. Being at the gateway of Region 
2, SMU can become the center of important academic and professional encounters for the people 
of the Cagayan Valley Region and people from the rest of the country and the rest of the world.

of our motto – SAPIENTIA A DEO (the Wisdom of God). We uphold the Wisdom of 
God as our ultimate guide in our search for human wisdom. We believe that without 
the Wisdom of God, our pursuit for human wisdom can only lead to human folly and 
recklessness.Without God’s wisdom, human wisdom can be twisted to serve selfish motives. In this 
reflection we include Mary, the seat of wisdom (sedes sapientiae). With the image of the infant Jesus seated 
on Mary’s lap, Mary serves as an instrument of presenting Jesus who is the Incarnate Wisdom of God. Saint 
Mary’s University is therefore a community that is continuing the mission of the CICM of spreading the 
Word of God. 

As a community of the CICM, we are in communion with Mary who contemplated God’s Word in 
her. In communion, the CICM motto - one heart and one soul, shall inspire our organization.
During the last three years, Concordance and Convergence have been our thrusts to recapture our 
energies to gain new momentum for the changes that we need to take our antidote  to some alleged 
cases of “dynasties, nepotism, tribalism, patronage, self-serving agenda, personal  glorification,  envy, 
gossip-mongering, etc.” We shall continue  to strengthen our concordance and convergence as we
continue  to  refine  many  of  our  policies,  rules  and  regulations,  agreements  and  contracts, 
committees and councils towards good governance. Good governance shall include more 
effective and positive flow of information and communication, and feedbacks and suggestions. 
Consistency in the  implementation of programs and policies shall be monitored continually.
Our organizational structure shall continue to be dynamic and responsive to the need of our university 
community, in service of the larger Church and society. We refrain from creating 
structures to accommodate personalities and personal vested interest.
Leadership is part of the character of any institution. Leadership shall take into primary consideration 
the Catholic faith, CICM missionary charism, SMU vision-mission, personal 
integrity, and work productivity and excellence.in response to the many challenges from within and 
from outside our University. Concordance and convergence are 
The new vision statement is not entirely breaking far apart from the previous statement.
In fact it is an evolution from the previous one, but with a new spirit that wishes to move us all with 
more directed steps forward and several levels higher. Certainly, the previous formulation has helped 
SMU to journey and to achieve the recognition that it now truly deserves.

DEDICATED TO FORMING PERSONS… The learners and the learning process take centrality and 
should be handled with care. Dedication is manifested by professional responsibility and academic 
excellence of everyone involved in the learning process. The learning also applies to administrators, 
teachers,staff and students for more improvement in learning effectiveness.

EXEMPLIFYING EXCELLENCE… The word excellence is not a new terminology in the Marian language. 
This has always been the character of the Marian since the beginning. We would like to level up our 
consciousness with regard quality. As a Marian, competence is the minimum. Incompetence has no 
place. Excellence is not even the end-goal, but the way of life and the way of doing things. Excellence 
is not perfection. Perfection is not of this world. Excellence is accomplishing something with the best 
effort so that what is already good become better, and better each time when work of excellence is 

INNOVATION… Innovation is the ensuring mechanism to further improve  something that is 
traditionally good and not to be stagnant. Innovation may not necessarily be a new creation 
always. Even old good things can become a new presentation when innovative minds and hands are 
applied to them. Creativity is not for the sake of creativity. Innovation is well directed-purposive-positive 
change. The strengthening of our research capability in faith, arts, sciences, technology 
and human developments shall be our distinct contribution to national transformation.

CHRIST’S MISSION… Again, this is to retrace from the beginning and our purpose as a CICM instrument 
of evangelization and human development. We are then called to strengthen the Christian formation 
of our young people and our Christian families though campus ministry and religious education. 
Education in SMU should become more and more a joyful and meaningful Christian faith experience. 
We participate in the mission of Christ to bring the Gospel to people outside our school community 
and we concretize Christ’s presence through the extension services that we  do within our extension
service communities. “We are a missionary community forming other communities to become 
missionaries. Go, therefore, and make disciples all nations. Baptize them in the Name of the Father and 
of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,and teach them to fulfill all that I have commanded you.” (Matt. 28: 19 – 20)
In essence, this new Vision statement gives focus to four values: excellence, innovation, communion, 
and Christ’s mission. This is new, but is not completely detached from the previous formulation. It is 
an evolution from the old vision statement. The crises experienced some years ago could have already 
signaled to us that the growth based on the previous vision statement must have reached it’s growth 
limit and was signaling the need to level up. We take momentum from the past and gear up now 
towards a new and higher ELEVATION.From our Vision statement, we draw our mission statements:

•  Relentlessly pursue excellence in education for local 
and global relevance and responsiveness
•  Persistently challenge one another to explore and 
pursue relevant, innovative, and breakthrough ideas through 
research and development
•  Steadfastly participate in the CICM advocacies of 
promoting multi-ethnicity, social justice, peace and integrity of God’s creation.
•  Conscientiously strengthen good governance and 
concordance among stakeholders for the sustenance of best practices.
•  Joyfully animate and care for one another as inspired by Mother Mary to become faithful witnesses 
of Jesus Christ.

With a new vision, may we be true Marians journeying  as one towards the realization of the mission 
that the Almighty God has entrusted to us. My prayers of blessings go out to all the children of Saint 
Mary’s University during this new school year 2013- 2014.