External Affairs


by Mr. Harrison Villanueva

The External Affairs Office, School of Business and School of Graduate Studies of Saint Mary’s University (SMU) join forces to spearhead the conduct of a ten-day crash course program in Entrepreneurship held on August 4-16, 2014. The program aims to provide an experiential learning opportunity showing how founders build startups and new ventures. The activity also intends to provide real world, hands-on learning to the participants on how to actually start a scalable company. Through the Philippine American Educational Foundation (PAEF), an SMU linkage, a request for a Fulbright Specialist in Business was granted by Fulbright (USA) in which Dr. Javad Kargar
a professor in Business at North Carolina Central University, USA came to the University to share his expertise in the field of Entrepreneurship. 
He oriented the participants about what to expect during the 10 day crash course. He also discussed the teaching teams, class goals, teaching philosophy and expectations. He provided an overview of the Business Canvas Model and its 9 parts. During the crash course, 10 faculty members were chosen to act as mentors. After group discussions and brainstorming, each of the ten groups presented their Business Model Canvass. Several interviews were made and questionnaires were floated to the potential respondents to gather insights and to validate the hypothesis being identified. Each group was given the privilege to critic and give their recommendations 
and suggestions after the business model presentation. 
Dr. Kargar, a Fulbright Senior Specialist, also served as the speaker for the Entrepreneurship Regional Conference held at the Sacred Heart Center, SMU College Campus on the last day of his visit to University, August 16, 2014. 
The crash course was attended by 4 Master of Arts in Business Administration (MBA), 50 undergraduate students, 4 practitioners and 18 faculty members