Saint Mary's University administration, faculty, staff and students extend their warm congratulations to all the successful examinees of the 2006 bar examinations. After hurdling the bar exams, eleven (11) SMU-LAW graduates made it, out of the 33 examinees, to wit:
  1. Atty. Marita Fe C. Baliton
  2. Atty. Jerome B. Bantiyan, CPA
  3. Atty. Rommel L. Corpuz, CPA
  4. Atty. Jesus M. Dela Cruz
  5. Atty. Joselito G. Fajardo, CPA
  6. Atty. Candice L. Gullon
  7. Atty. Norbert L. Gutierrez, CPA
  8. Atty. Ariel Ian M. Maddela
  9. Atty. Alfred Roderick T. Manzano
  10. Atty. Jona Gay A. Pua, CPA
  11. Atty. Rosanna Liz T. Tanwangco-Bernal, CPA

The following information was culled from the Statistical Data provided by the Bar Confidant of the Supreme Court, Manila;

  1. National Passing rate – 30.60% (1,893 passed out of 6,187 bar examinees)
  2. SMU College of LAW passing rate – 33.33% (11 passed out of 33 bar examinees)
  3. SMU College of Law is one of five schools ranked 26th among 103 Law Schools in the Philippines as to over-all percentage of passing.
  4. SMU College of Law is one of two schools ranked 2nd among the Law Schools in Region II as to over-all percentage of passing.