SMU obtains 85.71% passing rate in the October 2007 Criminology Board Examination

The first batch of graduates of B.S. Criminology of Saint Mary’s University obtained a high passing rate in the Criminology Board Examination held on October 23-25, 2007.

Of the fourteen (14) examinees, twelve (12) passed which gave a passing rate of 85.71%. This percentage is over and above the national passing rate of 30.63%.

The successful examinees are the following:

  • Marbil M. Bugaling
  • Jayson D. Buyuccan
  • Dexter D. Cumaling
  • Rosbel G. James
  • John Albert D. Mandac
  • Mary-ann S. Martin
  • Romulo B. Masin
  • Kenneth Joyce B. Simon
  • Christian Vincent D. Tomas
  • Jayross A. Vadil
  • Winder Winder
  • Jefferson F. Yoro

The SMU administration, faculty, staff and students extend their warmest congratulations to the new Marian Registered Criminologists. Godspeed!