School of Teacher Education and Humanities

By: Dr. Ma. Cristeta M. Aduca
Academic Dean, School of Education
Saint Mary’s University- School of Teacher Education, one of the Centers of Excellence for Teacher
Education was chosen by the Department of Education through the Teacher Education Council as one of the service providers
for the training of theGrade 8 teachers of the K to 12 Curriculum of the Basic Education Program.
The training aims to provide teachers with a concrete understanding of the Grade 8 Curriculum
Framework, learning standards and competencies, assessment, teaching plan and opportunities
to acquire and demonstrate values that will guide them in the effective delivery of the curriculum and their role as facilitators of learning.
The training was held from May 7-24, 2013, 54 hours actual training from 7:30 am to 6:30 pm for five days.
There were 675 trainees coming from thedivisions of Nueva Vizcaya, Qurino and Isabela respectively.
There were four faculty members of the University who joined the team of trainors of Region 02 namely:

Dr. Edwin Mania – Edukasyon sa Pagpapakatao
Mrs. Fe Lumogdang– Science
Miss Genelita Escaros - Mathematics
Mrs. Aireen O. Santos – Araling Panlipunan
To ensure the smooth flow of the training and systematic delivery of content, Regional Education
supervisors of each learning area supervised the training.

To respond to the request of the private schools of Nueva Vizcaya, the same training was given to the
Grade 8 teachers of the Private schools andState Universities last June 7-9, 2013.
There were 104 teachers who attended the training in the different learning areas. The only difference is we included MAPEH and TLE learning areas in the training.
The training of the Private school teachers was organized by Dr. Phoebe Acojido, Education Supervisor the Department of Education, Division of Nueva Vizcaya for Private Schools and
Dr. Ma. Cristeta M. Aduca, Dean, School of Education, Saint Mary’s University.