School of Accountancy and Business

By: Mrs. Mayvelyn S. Covita

The HTM faculty members had successfully passed the assessment in Bread & Pastry Production NC II conducted on May 16, 2012 at PLT College, Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya. This assessment participated by the department’s faculty members and staff is in compliance to the basic requirements in the accreditation of a training and / or an assessment center for Bread and Pastry Production NC II. TESDA, issued a memorandum during the first semester of SY 2011-2012 regarding the migration of Baking/Pastry Production (in which SMU is a training and an assessment center) to Bread and Pastry Production NC II, therefore involves the process of SMU applying for a New Certificate of Program Registration (CoPR) for both training and assessment.

The teachers involved were: Mr. Michael Noel A. Abiva, Mrs. Janette M. Arellano, Mr. Marvin G. Eslava, Mr. Epifanio Reiner R. Mariano III, Mrs. Evelyn S. Tiongson and department head Mrs. Mayvelyn S. Covita. Laboratory assistant Mrs. Carmencita G. Acuῆa also joined the group in the assessment. This assessment involves actual preparation of bread and pastry and an interview.

According to the Training Regulations, the Bread and Pastry production NC II Qualification consists of competencies that a person must achieve to be able to clean equipment, tools and utensils, and prepare, portion and plate pastries, breads and other dessert items to guests in hotels, motels, restaurants, clubs, canteens, resorts and luxury lines/cruises and other related operations.

The core competencies are: (1) Prepare and produce bakery products; (2) Prepare and produce pastry products; (3) Prepare and present gateaux, tortes and cakes; (4) Prepare and display petits fours; and (5) Present desserts.

Ms. Cristina Mendoza from PLT College was the TESDA assessor.